Block Builder by fessio’s – Review

Block Builder is a brilliant idea! Over the years we’ve played numerous updated tetris style games, most of which aren’t actually all that revolutionary… but this time it’s different…!

Block Builder is probably one of the coolest versions of tetris we’ve ever had the chance to play. With a board approachable from 4 different angles and no time limit, there’s actually not much you can’t do on this game.

The idea is awesome! But it could use a few updates…

Firstly there is no “How to Play” documentation that is really quite necessary when playing a game as new a this😓  When we first played the game, we had no idea what we were doing, and even after we figured out most of the game, we still couldn’t figure out why the blocks were flipping around… (We later discovered tapping on a block will flip it around.)

In short, Block Builder is an amazing game we really can’t wait to play after a few more updates👍

How long have you made Apps or Games for?

I have developed games for one year but have developed on the Android platform for two years. 


Is this your first creation?

It is my second game. I published it eight months ago. I was quite proud of the idea. Now I made graphic embellishments to make the game more attractive to others.


What do you use to make your apps or games?

The original game had its own engine. Since maintenance was a bit awkward I switched to cocos2d-x. The transition was easy and took me only a few days.


So, tell us about your app!

As a huge Tetris fan I am always looking for new challenges. With BlockBuilder I have found a way to refresh this classic! Block Builder has no walls and the blocks do not fall from above, but from all sides. However the biggest difference is that the goal is not to complete rows but gapless squares with the side length of at least 4 stones.

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