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Sudoku has been around for years, and is no doubt one of the most famous maths games around. For fans of this viral number game, Lonely Few LLC may have just invented your next favorite game.

In this new version there are no numbers nor 9×9 square grid, pretty much everything is new. So how do you play this new version? In Blendoku you are given colored blocks and a much more abstract shape to work with. The aim of the game is to align the colors inside the shape you are given so as to create a gradation. That’s it.

This is pretty easy to do in the first few levels. You are given a row of boxes and all you really need to do is align them from darkest to lightest. But as you progress things get a little more tricky. You begin to get multiple colors and more difficult shapes making cracking the puzzle much more difficult.

Though we haven’t gotten to a level too impossibly hard yet, it is easy to see just how difficult Blendoku 2 could get…

Blendoku 2_SS1 If you’re a sudoku fan, you need Blendoku 2. You’ll love it!

The only people we would not reccomend this game to would be those who have trouble distinguishing between colors. If that’s you, this game may be a little frustrating.

For anyone else, this game is the newest, and franky the coolest way to play sudoku we’ve ever seen.

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