What is BitSummmit? For those of you who are not familiar with the show, BitSimmit is an event designed specifically for indie gaming enthusiasts.

“Officially” featuring over 80 carefully selected indie titles from Japan as well as overseas, (in reality, most indie-developers will gladly let you play older games, and sometimes even newer games(!) that are kind of top-secret😅) BitSimmit is an event that allows players to connect with the very people who make the games they love.

On top of this, if you’re a bit of a geek who likes to take a look at the behind the scenes, you’ll get to see wizards working their magic in real time as they struggle to figure out why their game suddenly decided to stop working…

As one Volunteer-Staff-Member (and student of Kyoto Computer Gakuin) we interviewed put it: “BitSummit is an event that is primarily focused on indie titles. In fact, not all the games exhibited at the show each year even make it to consumers, meaning there are some games you will only ever have the chance to play at BitSummit.”

Although we were planning to share our awesome interview with John Davis from the BitSummit Committee, he didn’t turn up to our scheduled interview so… yeah… thanks John…

Anyway, if you’re a little like us and can at times be a little skeptical when it comes to big corporations using the word “indie”, BitSimmit is exactly what it is advertised as, 2 days of exciting, inspirational, and sometimes a little chaotic indie-gaming madness!

And, if you’re lucky you get to hang out with cool people like this!

Sorry, we were a little late with this post. We interviewed at least 50 different studios within 2 days and needed time to recover… More cool articles are just around the corner so click here for more!