BitSummit 2018 – Speed Report 0.1

BitSummit 2018 will run on both the 12th and the 13th of May and will be open to the general public from 10:00 am. Today, we were not only given a quick glimpse of what is to come Tomorrow, but were also given the opportunity to briefly interview some of the talented indie developers showing off their projects at the show.

Here are some of the highlights we have picked up so far…

MOGU-MOGU GAN-GAN by Arrow Bits Studio(モグモグ・ガンガン)

MOGU-MOGU GAN-GAN is a Mario Cart style racing game about digging… (or at least so we were told by the developer.) We had a go at playing the Beta version of the game which wasn’t perfect – as is the case with almost all games in beta – but the concept is very fun and enjoyable!

The game is played by digging through different layers of earth, some of which are softer than others while collecting items in order to blow up your opponents. The game currently features manual as well as automatic machines and is kind of tricky to play.

With awesome local multiplayer features built right into the Beta Version of the game, MOGU-MOGU GAN-GAN is scheduled for release some time in late 2018 starting with Thailand and the Philippines, before being released globally.

(Official) Gameplay Footage Below ⬇

Reach to Tsukuyomi by TORTOISE GEAR bit(月詠に至る)on BitSummit

Reach to Tsukuyomi is a pixelated 2D action game scheduled for release at an unspecified date. With simple controls, plans for online 4 player collaboration missions and more, this game is still mostly unfinished. (The developer told us that this is probably version 0.2 so please don’t expect too much… yet…😉)

We look forward to checking out how this game develops in future.

Doco Demo Dragon by GAME GABURI (どこでもドラゴン) on BitSummit

Doco Demo Dragon is essentially a clicker game with Dragons. Available worldwide on both iOS and Android, Doco Demo Dragon is a game about raising, training, and battling dragons all while on the go. The game can be played on and off while on the go, and continues to progress even while the app is closed.

Unlike most of the clicker games we have reviewed on Edamame Reviews, the game seems to feature more game-like elements than Cookie Clicker for instance, and we look forward to doing a full review once the English version of the game is released in the coming months.

GrayScale by NCSゲーム制作部

GrayScale is a game that really shocked us. Created by a team of students at NCS, GrayScale is an action puzzle game about jumping from one dimension of color into another in order to solve simple 2D puzzles. Your player is either black or white at any given point in the game and will slowly fade into the background if you take too long, making the game incredibly difficult to play.

The game is still in development and is scheduled to have a total of 3 worlds, each containing 4 puzzling levels for you to complete, and Nintendo Switch support.

Jupiter & Mars by TigerTron

Jupiter & Mars may be one of the most beautiful VR games we have ever seen. (Unfortunately, we didn’t actually get a chance to play it…😭)

Set in a future where the earth is covered by oceans and humans no longer exist (or at least no longer exist on planet earth) your mission in this game is to restore life on earth by destroying and deactivating old human technology.

Played using 2 awesomely flashy dolphins, you play as Jupiter and can sort of control Mars (AI) as well – although not to the extent with which you control Jupiter.

Scheduled for release in the late-summer or early-fall of 2018, Jupiter & Mars should be available on PC as well as PS4.

Pan Galactic Railway by Dave Makes

Pan Galactic Railway is a game about a bad idea. Set in a progressively generating open world, your mission in this game is to pilot the only Space Train in the galaxy…! Why? Because it is a terrible idea!

At first, the game is incredibly difficult to play(!) although once you get the hang of things it starts to get a little easier.

Scheduled for release sometime in 2019, this game still has a long way to go, (according to the developer), and will be available on PC! …and possibly PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile… Although no promises just yet.🤞

This isn’t the end!

In case you were wondering this isn’t the end! In fact, we have barely even scraped the surface! 

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