For any normal players willing to give this game a try, please be warned, this game is not broken…⚠️

If you happen to be an overly talented individual wasting your overpowered specs on video games, today we’ve got just the game to entertain your annoyingly stimulated neurons… BitChip Bounce is basically an overhauled pong redesigned for the geniuses of this unfair world.

Set on a pixelated 2D stage, your mission in this game is to control two characters equipped with small pixelated shields which can be used to deflect a speedily bouncing pixel block that, “in theory”, can be bounced back and forth between the two players like a single player tennis game.

The game is played using an intuitive set of (Tap Controls) which can be triggered by tapping anywhere on the screen of your device in order to, make whichever player is next, jump into the air and hopefully complete a rally.

Unfortunately, as you have probably already figured from our introduction this is almost impossible to do! The Pixelated ball you play with seems to be one of the most inconsistent objects humanity has ever imagined into existence. Speeding up one minute, the ball will suddenly slow down, bounce high into the air, or skim just above the ground making it extremely difficult to judge what is coming next… Unless of course, you are a genius.

Overall this game has a similar feel to playing a high-speed game of tennis with a miniature football. Fun for a while, but way too difficult overall…🏈

The Conclusion

So, are you in need of something to do while your overly stimulated brain discovers the key to world peace, or are you just in need of an annoyingly difficult game you can hand people you don’t like? Either way, BitChip Bounce is an extremely difficult game that will likely do its job just fine…😈

Want to give BitChip Bounce a try? The download link is just below😉

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