Combining two awesome ideas “often” creates something insanely awesome! We all know this… So, what would happen if you combined a “Fast Paced Soccer Game” and a “Slow And Thoughtful Puzzle?”

Honestly bit bit blocks comes as a bit of a surprise to us. Although combining two drastically different games to create something new and awesome is done almost every day in the game development world, we never would have guessed the developers of bit bit blocks could have pulled it off so perfectly.

bit bit blocks is an amazing combination of action and puzzle wrapped into a single multiplayer soccer game! …and boy is it cool!

Your mission in this game is to combine same colored blocks to create large squares, and rectangles which – in a normal puzzle game – you would tap to eliminate and gain points… Not in bit bit blocks.

The moment you have a block big enough, you will be required to tap in it in order to send it shooting up toward your opponent, pushing their pile of blocks just a little closer to their goal. Obviously your opponent doesn’t want to lose, and so, you will have to deal with your opponents blocks dropping down at you, and slowly pushing your pile of block back toward your goal…

Your opponent’s blocks – once in your area – can be used as your own, thus becoming more ammo for you to fire back! Eventually either you or your opponent will get pushed over the edge and game over.

The Conclusion

Does a fast paced puzzle game based around a modified version of soccer appeal to you?

bit bit blocks is simple yet challenging and is overall a very fun game to play – especially when you’re playing against another person😁

Want to give bit bit blocks a try? The download link is just below😉

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