Beneath The Lighthouse

If you are looking for a game to turn the world up side down, Beneath The Lighthouse is a game where you can pretty much do just that.

Set in a basement deep under an old lighthouse, your mission is to safely guide a terrified looking kid down into the deepest depths of this insanely spacious dungeon. (What on earth do they store down there…?)

Your controls to accomplish this, the power to rotate each stage 360 degrees! You could literally shake your player out the door and into to the next stage, if it weren’t for spikes. Yes, there are spikes everywhere. And depending on which way you rotate the stage the harmless spikes on the roof could become what you are about to land on…

Beneath The Lighthouse is a game where you are really requited to think a little before paying. Wildly spinning the stages will almost never bring the desired outcome…

Beneath The Lighthouse_SS1 Beneath The Lighthouse_SS2

If you’d like to add another retro looking game with an insane physics engine to your (retro) folder, here’s your latest find.

(Though we didn’t mention it in the review, we’re sure puzzle lovers will love Beneath The Lighthouse. If you’re one of those brainiacs looking for a new challenge, we’d love to hear how you go.)

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