Behind You!! – The worst & best dancing game ever!

Are you a devoted dancing game fan? …What, you are…? Oh, no…😰

Today we’ve got a hilariously awesome dancing game that could either be considered an awesome creation inspired by pure humor or an insult to every dancing game ever made… This is our review of Behind You!!

Behind You!! is basically a traditional rhythm-based dancing game for your smartphone that has been “heavily spiced up” so as to appeal to fans of almost every genre of gaming. Whether you’re a fan of FPS, RPG, Mini Games, or any other genre, you’re going to have a hard time not enjoying this game to at least one degree or another…

Played just like any other traditional dancer/rhyme game, your mission in this game is to dance to the beat of the music by rhythmically tapping on 5 circles positioned at the bottom end of your screen. …the only difference is that in this game, unlike every other rhythm game you’ve ever played, there is a massive “PAUSE” button positioned at the bottom of your screen.

Every now and then your mother, the same mother that hid your game in the craziest places imaginable in Hidden my game by mom, will suddenly open your door and check up on what you are doing. When this happens you will be required to hit pause as soon as possible in order to pause the music, jump into a disguise, and hopefully prevent an embarrassing situation.

With a stupidly hilarious gameplay system, surprisingly good music, and one of the cheapest in-game Gacha Machines we have ever seen, Behind You!! isn’t the most addictive game, but it is surprisingly fun while it lasts.

Need a game you can play and forget about? Why not give Behind You!! a try?

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