BARRIER X by Pinkapp – Review

BARRIER X by Pinkapp is a game that would make Terry Cavanagh – The creator of Super Hexagon – very proud. Up until now at Edamame, our bench mark for impossibleness has always been Super Hexagon, today we’ve got an app that may just push the benchmark a little higher…😱

Here comes our review of BARRIER X…💀

In theory BARRIER X isn’t actually that hard a game. All you do is tap left or right in order to avoid barriers that stand in the path of your supersonic arrow, not hard at all… – Seriously… all you need is a reaction time like a supercomputer…

Now if you’re thinking, “I won’t last five seconds on a game like this!” Don’t worry, the guys at Pinkapp have added a little gimmick that makes playing this game just a little easier. By tapping left or right, what actually happens is that your player shifts to either the left or right lane.

Each lane is either colored red or blue; red meaning that you’re about to die, and blue meaning you’re safe for a few seconds. By quickly switching to a blue lane the moment your lane turns red, this game becomes actually playable for about 15 seconds of fun before you die.

If you somehow manage to miraculously survive for 30 seconds, congratulations you’ve unlocked the “next level,” but you haven’t “cleared” the level you’re on. In order to clear a level you must survive a shocking 60 seconds! – Impossible…😭


If you’ve mastered Super Hexagon and think it’s time you moved on to the next stage, here’s your next challenge, BARRIER X…

For everyone else who “hasn’t” played a truly impossible game before, 15 seconds will never feel so long…

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