If you keep up with what is trending on the internet you’ve probably already seen this insanely awesome commercial one too many times… and yes, today we’ve got a game about it…

A while back now we reviewed a simple physics-based game called Split Masters which was loosely based on the epic commercial you’ve no doubt seen. Based around climbing 2 walls using your ability to balance, this game was cool but is nothing like the game we have today.

Autosplit is a game about the exact situation above. Set atop 2 moving trucks your mission in this game is to move your trucks (closer together / further apart) in order to avoid crashing into the many obstacles that stand in your path.

Played using a simple set of (One-Touch) controls to either move your trucks closer together or further apart, this game is extremely simple and easy to play in theory…
Not in real life…

With a cute set of blocky 3D pixel graphics, crazy and exotic obstacles to avoid, and an abundance of trucks and characters to unlock, Autosplit is a game Van Damme fans will definitely enjoy.

The Conclusion

Are you in need of a game with the ability to make people laugh? If so, Autosplit is a game crafted to perfection, engineered to defy the laws of comedy…😂

Want to give Autosplit a try? The download link is just below😉

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