In the not so distant future, planet earth will be threatened by a massive influx of deadly asteroids headed straight for our home planet… It is up to you (and 3 astronauts) to protect earth’s inhabitants from certain doom.

Atomic Super Lander is a game about 3 random guys protecting earth from certain doom using tiny rockets, nukes, and not much else… Set on planet earth, the game begins when you – a very yellow individual – are suddenly kidnapped and tossed into a top-secret government testing facility where you learn the basics of blowing up humongous asteroids.

After a lot of bad planning on the part of the leading government officials, you and 2 other random guys are quite literally thrown onboard a rocket and shot into space where you will be required to blow up asteroids for the rest of your working days. …Until you die! 💀

The game itself is basically a platformer with a virtual control pad on one side, and jump/punch buttons on the other. Using these controls combined with the many different vehicles and contraptions you can find on the surface of each asteroid, your mission is to make your way around each asteroid, locate all the destination points, and set and arm nukes, escape, detonate, and repeat. 🔁

An endless cycle of stressfulness.

With each new game you are given 3 lives, (because you only have 3 men), and if you are anything like us, you will keep having to commit suicide to save the rest of humanity… 😢

With extremely high-end graphics and animations, perfectly fitting sound effects, and a stressful gameplay system that may one day become your full-time job (WE HOPE NOT!!!), this is a game about planet earth, and your “new” job, and a not-too-pleasant future…

The Conclusion

Are you a fan of platformer games? If so, this is one of the best platformers with virtual keys we have ever seen.

Unlike Super Mario Run, (a super simplified platformer), Atomic Super Lander gives you full control over your player’s actions, including suicide. Something you won’t find in most mobile games…

Want to give Atomic Super Lander a try? The download link is just below😉

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