When you add two brilliant things together “often” you’re left with something better. We’ve said this way too many times, but it’s true. Today’s game is a mixture of two amazing creations, one old, and one modern… This is our review of Arrow.

Arrow is an interesting game that at first glance looks like another popular Ketchapp game ZigZag, but after taking a closer look will no doubt – if you’re old enough – remind you of snakes – Slither.io for younger readers…😓

This somewhat peculiar combination of snakes, arrows, and zigzagging, works perfectly, and is one of the “easiest to control” zigzagging maze type games we’ve ever played!

In Arrow your arrow is constantly moving up your screen at a rightward angle meaning, doing nothing will kill you – you’ll ram into a wall and die. To prevent this from happening, you can tap / tap and hold, on the screen of your device to change your angle to an equal and opposite leftward direction.

By continually touching and releasing, to switch your angle from right to left, you can quite easily maneuver your way around tight corners and narrow corridors without hitting anything. …But that’s just surviving! You need a high score!

To gain points you must collect orangey-yellow diamonds that are added on to the bottom of your arrow, a little like snakes, slowly making your arrow longer and longer until eventually your tail becomes so long it doesn’t fit on the screen of your device any more!

Though having a massively long tail doesn’t do anything, it looks awesome, and is a playful addition to a simple and fun game.

One thing we nearly forgot to mention were Purple Diamonds. By collecting Purple Diamonds you can buy new skins for your arrow, turning your orange spike into all sorts of other slithering creatures.

If you like to have things like snakes, ducks, or even suspicious(?) people😱 follow you around narrow corridors, this is the game for you. – Ok, maybe not suspicious people…😅

With one of the easiest and most natural feeling control systems we’ve ever found in a game you won’t regret having this simple, yet compelling game, on your smart device.

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