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ARcade Plane – Have an AR enabled Apple Device?

Digital Melody Games is one of our favorite Indie-Studios, renowned for creating cute games where Lumberjacks Play Tennis 🎾 So, when we discovered they had just released their first AR game, naturally we had to check it out!

ARcade Plane is a game about a small virtual plane that flies around a small town that suddenly appears in the middle of your living room! …or wherever else you happen to be playing this game… 😜

Your plane will fly around this small town until eventually, its fuel tanks run dry and it crashes into the carpet (leaving a horrid black stain you have no hopes of ever removing.) Obviously, this is not what you want and so you will be required to tap on the screen of your device in order to help your plane dive down and collect stars without diving so low that it smashes into the floor and KABOOM…‼️💀

At first, the game is fairly easy. You are only required to collect a few stars in order to complete each level, and the obstacles you are required to fly over aren’t too tall either. As the game progresses, however, all this changes… Speed UP!

With each new level you complete, the game becomes more and more difficult requiring you to collect more stars and avoid bigger obstacles. Although you can combat these harder levels using the bigger and better planes you can purchase using the stars you collect, ARcade Plane revolves mostly around your skill as a player so, all we can say is good luck. 😅

With cute animated graphics, ARcade Plane is a game we would highly recommend to anyone who is in love with the cool new AR features of their shiny new iPhone.

Unfortunately ARcade Plane “only” features an AR mode which kind of sucks. (Especially if you were intending on playing this game on the go.) Other than that however, you should have a great time playing ARcade Plane.

The Conclusion

If futuristic AR games are your thing(!), this is an amazingly simple game you won’t want to miss out on! Best of all, you don’t really need to move while playing so you won’t look like quite as much of an idiot as you do in some other games…😜

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