Appco LLC’s review of Ball King

Ball King was a great basketball game with real life physics built into old style graphics. At first glance, the game appeared as if it was going to be very simple and boring, but that was the exact opposite after I started playing. The variability in hoop position made the game shots possible, but yet challenging each and every time.

The time trial gameplay is a great addition to the ‘challenge’ gameplay. Instead of taking your time on each shot and making sure you’ll make it in, the time trial pushed me to be accurate and fast with my shots. This provided a more fast paced gaming environment that I really enjoyed after playing ‘challenge’ for a while.

Although the game looked like a throwback to 8 bit style graphics and retro sounds, it came packed with all the necessary features for a great 2D pixel game. Multiple balls, different gameplay modes, Game Center leaderboards, were all very nice added features to the game.

I also enjoyed the simplistic UI screens that were very intuitive and easy to navigate through. It makes a great user interface when I don’t have to struggle to understand what buttons do and where to find game options.

Overall, Ball King is a great endless basketball shooting game, which kept me dialed in on trying to unlock the next ball and character.

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