What makes an artist/programmer head down the Game Development path? Short answer, “masochism”. The long answer would be “the love of sharing”. Not in a cloying way, but in the way you love some games when you are a kid and start daydreaming with your own stories to share. Of course, the learning path is often long and very tedious but the goal at the end is beyond anything conceivable. The Great Prize of having hundreds of people enjoy your creations!

The first step is to choose a field – in my case concept art and music – then spend half of your life learning and the other half improving the skills you’ve learned to the point where you are able to transmit what you want to the players of your game. This applies equally to game designers, writers, programmers and social media. The entire team has to love the history and the game, only then will the players feel what you want and the circle is complete.

Even when you feel ready, you still have to understand that you can’t make it all alone. You need an enthusiastic team as much as they need you – luckily in my case, I found one after my many failed attempts. And when one of the team’s ideas begin to take shape, an unstoppable growing GDD (Game Design Document) will always show up, even in the smallest of projects.

aMAZEing Hamster

Become a cute fluffy hamster trying to save Hamtown by recovering “Hamulets” around the world – Oh god, that’s aMAZEing!! You will be able to travel everywhere, visit mythical cities like Atlantis, the city of Edo in 17th century Japan (Spoiler of incoming updates), visit the pyramids… it’s all possible, and you can do it all just by playing a free” mobile game. 

“Free” is the most terrifying word for a small team that has spent six months working for “love”, telling their families and friends that this is what you want to do, and makes you happy by making others happy – well that’s possibly the most accurate definition of Art.

The point of all this is – if we weren’t sure that you would enjoy playing a game like aMAZEing Hamster we would never have spent all the time we did developing it or testing it until perfection, all with a smile in our faces.

aMAZEing Hamster

In order to create a unique game, you need a lot of assets: 3D assets, hours of painting, elegant and simple code, an immersive soundtrack/sound effects, and a polished game design. Mix all of these things together in a good game engine like Unity and “voilà”, your first game is ready. I must say, aMAZEing Hamster is really fun to play, the entire team at Not4Humans knows that players of all ages will enjoy playing our game.

To sum things up, creating games is one of the most satisfying jobs on the planet – even with all the issues involved with creating them… you should know this very well by now.

aMAZEing Hamster

Having said that, here is a short introduction to aMAZEing Hamster, get Fun and be Happy:

Hammie is a hamster who lives on the Cheddar’s reservation, in the Sedgemoor’s district, next to the edge of the lake. He lives with his girlfriend Hammy in their burrow; it’s just three holes away from Hamschool, where he works giving lectures on Ball and Acrobatic Hamster Wheel. (He is a Physical Education teacher)

During one night, twenty days before the onset of winter, the crazy foxes break the sacred Hamulets that keep the evil owls far from Hamtown. Being in the middle of harvesting time, the hamsters couldn’t afford to leave the hard work to find new ones or they could all starve.

A meeting was convened at Hamtown and the ancients spoke about the dangerous Mazes filled with traps where their ancestors got the sacred Hamulets a thousand years ago…

Hammie, witnessing that the people of Hamtown may be at great risk of the ferocious owls, decided to leave on absence and put on his race glasses to pursue the Greatest Adventure.

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