ALPHAMAZE is a word game that combines one’s vocabulary knowledge and also the ability to arrange letters into words from a 15×15 playing field of pseudo-randomly generated letters. If you are someone who enjoys playing word games like BLOGGER, SCRABBLE, or CROSSWORDS, then you will be thrilled to play ALPHAMAZE, which combines the fun of all these games. ALPHAMAZE is a simple word game which is also a maze, suitable for people from elementary school, all the way up to adulthood and beyond, to whatever age groups you are in.

It scores the player game by levels. A level-3(L-3) game is the simplest game you can make, L-4 is bit harder, L-5 is achievable by most players, L-6 by some players, L-7 just a few players with a very good starting field. L-8 rarely done…..

For future releases:

1. The same letter-field can be played by multiplayer, hence players can compete against one another for the best score.

2. A website/social platform for the fans to share playing experience and challenging one another to any game they would like to share.

3. Competitions held periodically to enhance the playing experience.

How to play

ALPHAMAZE1. Start to form words by clicking on letters that are adjacent to the one previously clicked (adjacent = any of the 8 letters surrounding a previously clicked letter, and also the previously clicked letter itself). Click “GO” after the word is formed

2. Start to form the next word similarly as 1, but must be “connected” to any of the previously-formed words (at least one of the letters must be already used in the previously formed words)

3. When the formed words touch the edges of all 4 sides, you are done!

4. Scores: Lx-y where L stands for level, x = the length of the shortest word formed in the game, e.g. if the shortest word you form is with a length of 2, then you score L2. y = the number of words formed with the shortest lengths, e.g. if you form 5 shortest words with a length of 2, then your score is L2-5. You should try to achieve the highest x and the lowest y to have a good score.

5. Supporting website:

6. Released on AppStore: ALPHAMAZE
Google Play: alpha maze

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