Alley Bird – Flap, Jump, and dodge those Cats!

Do you just love the distinctively cute look of games such as Owl Can’t Sleep, One Wheel, and Egg Car? Well, today we’ve got another great game from our friends over at Orangenose Studios and – as you’d expect – it’s as cute as ever!

Alley Bird is a surprisingly generous game about a single bird climbing up an alleyway filled with hungry cats…! Centered around a platform based gameplay system, your mission in this game is to jump from platform to platform in order to climb as high as possible until eventually, you hit one of the many cats who live in the alleyway and GAME OVER…👾

Played using a simple set of (Tap Controls) to make your bird both “Single Jump” and/or “Double Jump” from one platform to another, your player in this game will slowly move from one side of the screen to the other as you gradually make your way up this never-ending tower of platforms.

With cute graphics, a number of different players for you to unlock, (including a few you can only unlock by reaching a certain level in the game), and a minimal number of ads to disrupt you from your gaming, Alley Bird is definitely a decent game, to say the least.

All this said, there is one area where Alley Bird really starts to stand out. (Simplicity) With no time limit and/or speedily moving deadline to keep you on your toes, Alley Bird is an extremely simple and easy game to both learn and begin to master, not surprisingly making it one of the easiest casual games to become heavily addicted to…!

If you don’t have time to be playing games, you probably shouldn’t install Alley Bird…😉

Are you in need of a game that doesn’t make you feel like a loser? Could you use a little extra self-esteem? …and …Do you have enough free time to spend playing Alley Bird in an addicted trance? If so, you’re safe to download Alley Bird😅

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