Agent A – Finally! Our review of the best puzzle game on mobile?

At this point, there are likely few people who call themselves mobile gaming enthusiasts who haven’t at least heard of Agent A. Which makes it kind of embarrassing that it took us soooo long to get around to reviewing it.😅…better late than never…?

Agent A (by Yak & co) is a game about a spy, more specifically a super high tech spy who lives in a sick mansion filled with traps, weapons, and more security than your average spy can handle! (You’ll probably have to check an online walkthrough or two in order to get past some of the puzzles in this game)

Played using simple Point-and-Click adventure game style controls, Agent A does a great job of mixing obvious clues in together with things that are much less obvious, making them incredibly easy to overlook. Although we haven’t actually cleared the entire game yet – we aren’t the best spies out there ok – at this stage we think we would be pretty safe to say that 75% of the game can be cleared by simply tapping on anything that looks suspicious, whereas the remaining 25% requires some serious observational skill!

Without ruining anything, our advice to new players is, “Don’t get overly fixated on something that looks suspicious. In most cases, (75% of the time), you will stumble upon an obvious solution once the time is right.”

With an artistic 2D + 3D design, this game morphs the two art styles together better than pretty much any other game we’ve seen on mobile, resulting in a very unique visual experience we’ve kind of fallen in love with.

Boasting a total of 4 puzzling chapters you can play through right now, and a 5th coming soon, we look forward to seeing how the story develops over time… Somehow we think there is more to it than first meets the eye…🤔

Last but not least is the price. In exchange for beautiful graphics, a puzzling gaming experience, and no Ads, you will fork over AU$7.99 of your hard earned cash. This feels like a lot, but to put things in perspective, a lot of casual games now “encourage” players to pay close to AU$10.00 a week(!) which seems ridiculous considering THIS is what you can get for a one-off payment of AU$7.99.


Overall, we really wish we had checked out Agent A a whole lot sooner because it really is a fun game to play on your iOS or Android device. In most cases, you probably won’t be able to finish it in a single sitting, so remember to make good use of the pause button which gives you a very broad idea of what you are supposed to be doing.

Which comes in really handy when you haven’t had time to play for a week and have no idea what you are supposed to be doing…😅

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