AdVenture Communist – Salute the Supreme Leader

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to “work” as the supreme leader of a communist nation? Because today we’ve got a game that attempts to answer that very question. …Not surprisingly, it is a Clicker Game…

AdVenture Communist at its core is a game about farming potatoes. Without food, you can’t really do anything, and so farming for potatoes which can easily be transformed into Potato Chips is a great and tasty start!

Now, in order to farm more potatoes, you need farmers. ➡️ In order to get more farmers, you need communes. ➡️ In order to get more communes you need, …and the list goes on forever…!

The higher you climb this never-ending chain of events, the greater impact your actions will have on the final output of your nation’s produce, making unlocking these higher levels crucial to your success as a dictator. Obviously, there are some “costs” associated with boosting an industry’s productivity, but we will try not to talk about them here…

As you progress through the game, your nation will gain access to more and more industries such as territory expansion, mining, weapons manufacturing, and more!

The more powerful you become as a nation, the faster people begin signing up to become your comrades which is great! because there is always room for one more person to work in one of your many different factories…😈

Is this game fun? Yes. Will this game make you a better person? Only time will tell…

The Conclusion

Are you an aspiring dictator just waiting to get your hands on your very first group of unsuspecting citizens? If so, reading this review could be the 2nd worst mistake you will ever make?

What is the “worst” mistake you will ever make? Downloading this game…

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