A.P.E.X by Appsolute Games LLC – Review

We once reviewed a game called “Almost Impossible!” that frankly wasn’t hard at all. Though definitely challenging, up against “truly impossible” games such as Super Hexagon or BARRIER XAlmost Impossible! was actually a pleasantly challenging game.

A.P.E.X said simply is pretty much Almost Impossible!, just tamed down even further. For players that found Almost Impossible! actually “Impossible” A.P.E.X may just be what you’ve been waiting for.

Starting off with the graphics, A.P.E.X features a really nice futuristic style 2D graphics set that fits in perfectly throughout the entire game. With lasers, powerballs, blasters, mines, and of course spikes, you’ll never run out of levels to try, or puzzles to crack.

If there were to be one single downside to these really neat graphics, it would be “depth.” With hardly any shadows, and little or no parallaxing on any of the objects, it can sometimes get a little difficult to judge whether something is going to hit you or not…

Moving over to the controls, A.P.E.X has the same “tap left to move left, tap right to move right” control system we loved in Almost Impossible! and really makes playing this game an easy and enjoyable experience.


With the simplest 2D platform controls we’ve ever seen, added together with the challenging but playable puzzles found in A.P.E.X, there’s really not much more you could ask for in a 2D platform puzzle.

If you found Almost Impossible! simply way too hard, we strongly encourage you to give A.P.E.X a try. It’s worth it!

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