As the name implies, 99 Challenges! (by Pine Entertainment) is an incredibly challenging game. Centered around 99 uniquely challenging levels, your mission in this game is to jump your way past 99 obstacle-filled levels without dying too many times in the process…

Set on a 2-dimensional stage filled with simple, moderate, and some insanely complicated(!) obstacles, your mission in this game is to use absolutely everything you can imagine (literally) in order to clear this monster of a game.

Although 99 Challenges! is far from easy, for anyone who has played and failed at any of the many mobile games branded “Impossibly Challenging” or “Annoyingly Addictive”, the gameplay in 99 Challenges! is probably going to be a little different to what you might imagine. Unlike most impossible mobile games 99 Challenges! is actually quite possible.

Played at an easily manageable “one level at a time”, 99 Challenges! doesn’t require you to clear all 99 challenges at once, but instead lets you clear the game slowly, by saving your progress automatically each time you clear a new level. Essentially allowing you to play the game one level at a time…

Since you are hit with the same level over and over again until you eventually manage to clear the stage, you are actually given the opportunity to stop and observe your surroundings for hints to clear whatever level you happen to be playing. One level we struggled with required us to jump at precise intervals which we discovered could actually be measured out using the striped background as a guide!

You can use almost everything in this game to your advantage!

With a minimal number of Ads, no unlockable characters or stages, (just the core gameplay itself), a retro-style soundtrack, and what a surprise(!) 99 levels for you to complete, 99 Challenges! is a great game for both iOS and Android. Although you’ll need to note the game doesn’t seem to support the new 2:1 aspect ratio on Android…

The Conclusion

If you enjoy jumping over spikes, avoiding fast-moving obstacles, or stepping on switches implanted into the floor, 99 Challenges! is a game you will likely really enjoy!

Just remember, everything in this game can be used to calculate just when and where you should tap on the screen of your device…

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