70 seconds. by SAB Games – Review

99.7% of readers who visit Edamame Reviews own a smartphone. (Gasp! What a shock!) In this generation just owning a smartphone isn’t cool anymore… What do you need to do to become “cool again?” Train…

70 seconds is another crazy game from the SAB Games Team, this time with a little more of a braintrain look and feel, perfect for powering up your “smartphoning” abilities!

(Game 1) Starting with a simple pop up, “Tap on the screen as much as possible in 1 minute” our battle began! 456 taps later… our fingers were aching😫

(Game 2) With fingers aching from muscle strain, we bravely move on to stage 2, and are greeted by the pop up, “Catch the Circle.” Ok… 7 taps in and all that seems to be changing is the position of the circle, or at least that’s what we thought… 71 taps in and,

!?Where is the circle!?

(Game 3) Suffering from muscle strain in our fingers and really, really sore eyes, we still continue on to stage 3, where we are once again greeted by a pop up, this time simply stating, “Tap on the numbers from smaller to larger.”

This rather straightforward brain trainer exercise, after having both your fingers and eyes worked to the max, is actually surprisingly difficult… (Unfortunately we never got to game 4, our review team passed out…)

Are your fingers beginning to gain weight? Do apps just seem harder to tap on lately? It’s time to do something about your “smartphoning” muscles!

Download 70 seconds today and get back those slender fingers you once had!!!

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