5 Drops is a very familiar looking game. The colors, the design, the feel of the actual game itself, everything looks like the insanely popular game Color Switch. At first we actually thought this game was a sequel to the original game. Unfortunately it wasn’t.
So is it any good? Let’s find out…

5 Drops is a very simple game to say the least. Your mission in this game is to bounce down 5 colored platforms, (thus the name 5 Drops) and land safely on a small 4 colored platform at the bottom of each level.

The game is played using simple touch controls that are pretty much entirely physics based and exert a force on your ball either left or right, depending on what side of the screen you tap on.

Overall, the game is very easy to play and shouldn’t be too difficult for the majority of players to enjoy.

The Conclusion

So is 5 Drops any good? Well, the answer is Yes and No.

The game itself is simple and easy to play, and overall is a nice little game.

Unfortunately Due to the fact that the game look so much like Color Switch, the preset expectations you have for the game are almost certainly going to be way too high. Although 5 Drops isn’t a bad game, the similarity in looks to Color Switch is probably doing it more harm than good😓

Want to give this game a try? The download link is just below😉

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