44Chairs – A super simple reaction time battle to crush your friendships…

Do you find beauty in simplicity? If so, today we’ve reviewed the simplest game ever featured on Edamame Reviews… But it definitely isn’t beautiful… Or at least, not in the way most people would expect.

44Chairs is a game about a light, a chair, and an opponent. Being the only three things occupying your screen, most people will probably turn their attention to the light and chair positioned in the middle of their screen and for the most part this is a good decision.

The moment the light bulb switches on you will be required to tap on the screen of your device in order to quickly sit down before your opponent takes the seat.

The game progresses like this, moving on and on from mostly empty level to mostly empty level, and will slowly increase in difficulty… (Although you will never find the game hard because the moment you do it’s Game Over.)

In a sense 44 Chairs is the ultimate minimalist game. With hardly anything on the screen, this game definitely isn’t cluttered and is perfect for parties where you can battle it out with your friends in multiplayer mode!

Although cool, this game probably isn’t a game you’ll play too often on your own…

Need a super simple reaction time based game to brighten up a party?

According to the developers, playing duel mode with someone you have crush on can be very effective😋  (…Although, they also said: This game may destroy friendships😓 )

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