4 Pics 1 Song – The hardest game you will ever play…

How good are you with music? Whether you love listening to music or not, our ears are constantly bring bombarded with music. In shops, on TV, and even in video games, music is everywhere! …but how much are you really taking in…?

4 Pics 1 Song is an extremely simple game, in fact, the title pretty much explains itself. Played using 4 images that contain clues as to the name of a certain well-known song, your mission in this game is to spell out the name of the song using a number of given letter tiles.

For players who are simply brilliant when it comes to song names, playing this game is probably going to be a piece of cake. But for everyone else, for those who only listen to music every once in a while, those who stick to a certain artist, or those who simply can’t remember the names of popular songs, this game is going to be a challenge.

Luckily there are a few more clues you can make use of.

Firstly, 4 Pics 1 Song is not only generous enough to give you the number of letters used in the title of each song you are trying to figure out but also gives you the spacing gaps between words just to make the game a little easier. Very Generous.

In addition to this, you are only ever given 14 letter tiles to work with, cutting down the number of possible song titles by a long shot!

If after going over all these small hints and clues you still can’t seem to figure out the name of the song, you have one last almighty friend who can help you out… Google…😉

Think you’re good when it comes to identifying the names of songs? Think again!
4 Pics 1 Song is an insanely challenging quiz game with the ability to stump even the best of the best! Unless of course, you have some seriously brilliant skill…!

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