3DRsweeper – The hardest puzzle game ever! Full stop! Period! End of Conversation!

Do you like hard games? Games that work your brain to the limits… and beyond…💀
If so, today we’ve found a game so hard, if you ever manage to actually clear it, you may just happen to be the next Einstein…

3DRsweeper is a 3-dimensional version of the popular game Minesweeper. (If you’ve never played Minesweeper we highly recommend you try it “before” downloading this game.)

As a warning to the majority of people who have played Minesweeper at least once in their lifetime and think this game will be a breeze, 3DRsweeper is on a completely different level. Using deductive reasoning you will be required to work your way around a 3-dimensional geometric structure made of dozens of points connected to one another via lines.

Although at its core 3DRsweeper and the traditional versions of Minesweeper are essentially the same game, the amount of care that must be put into each and every judgment is nothing like you’ve ever seen!

With beautiful graphics, surprisingly simple controls, and a user interface that could use a little work in the aesthetics department, this game is simple yet difficult, the perfect brain trainer to really wake you up in the morning…

Is your brain gaining a little weight? Think it’s about time your brain got a little exercise? If so this “isn’t” the game for you.

3DRsweeper is like a triathlon for your brain, not a simple workout…

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